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Friends of Utopia

Kinky hopes you will read the message below and consider joining the Friends of Utopia, an important new program at Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.

Dear Friends,

Tom Friedman, one of the founding directors of Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, once said, “Save one dog. Save the world.” His words later became the motto and continue to be the daily practice at Utopia.

Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit “never-kill” shelter that rescues abandoned and/or abused animals, nurtures them and places them with loving families. Nancy Parker-Simons (affectionately known as “Cousin Nancy“) has managed to keep the doors to Utopia rescue open for ten years–that’s quite an accomplishment as those familiar with animal rescue can attest. It wasn’t always easy, but due to Cousin Nancy’s dedicated supervision, Tony Simons’ devoted effort and Kinky Friedman’s undying support; more than 2000 animals have been rescued since the opening. Looking ahead, toward the next ten years and beyond, Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch is announcing an exciting new partnering program, appropriately named, Friends of Utopia.

Friends of Utopia is an essential group of committed supporters who pledge to donate a specific amount each month. Monthly contributions provide a steady and cost-effective source of income that will enable Utopia to not only plan ahead for future necessities (knowing that there is a reliable source of support), but also to act quickly when an animal must be rescued immediately. Now, more than ever before, Utopia needs a little help from its Friends. Please consider partnering with Kinky Friedman and Utopia, and pledging to become a Friends of Utopia supporter.

Through an automatic transfer from your checking or savings account each month, or a monthly charge to your credit card, you can support the services provided to every animal awaiting placement in a new home. Because your monthly tax-deductible donation is processed automatically, you help us reduce costs. A monthly gift is a perfect choice for supporters who want to establish themselves as a cornerstone for Utopia or for those who would like to budget their donations more comfortably by dividing them into smaller increments. Just think of the impact that even a modest monthly commitment can have when added with other Friends of Utopia gifts during the month!

Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch is sustained solely through your generous gifts. Your ongoing support keeps us going, and every donation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about the Friends of Utopia program I’ll be happy to help you, my email address is below. To start giving now as a Friends of Utopia donor please click on the donations page.

If you would like to help us continue to feed, vaccinate, spay and neuter, provide medical care and foster newly abandoned and abused animals, please become a monthly donor today. Thank you for your generosity and for helping us to make this world a better place for animals!

Friends & Sponsors

We love our Sponsors!

The Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch loves H-E-B. grocery chain for their continued generous support by running a full page ad for us in their April 2011 catalog. We love it and cannot thank H-E-B. enough! We love the

The Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, located between Medina and Kerrville, has received a substantial grant from The Cailloux Foundation in Kerrville, Texas and we are happily howling about it and we cannot thank them enough for their kindness and generosity. The grant is an unrestricted award for our organization is to be used for operating funding such as food, shelter, and veterinarian care for the dogs. And that is why we love The Cailloux Foundation!