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We Salute Our Pen Sponsors

We Love and Salute our Pen Sponsors

Kinky, Nancy, Tony and all the animals at the ranch wish to whole-heartedly thank Don Imus, Fred Imus, and AutoBody Express for their enormous support! We LOVE Y’all!

Ruth Buzzi and husband, Kent Perkins were the first to help jump start our new Pen Sponsorship program in August! All it takes is a $1,000.00 donation to sponsor one of our pens! Beautiful hand painted signs with the sponsor’s name will be placed on the gate entrance of their pen. The sponsorships are going fast and we hope that you can join in.

In loving memory of Rosemary Calk by Kinky, Tony, Nancy and all of the animals at the rescue ranch. She and her husband, Art, adopted the very first dog that we ever rescued, Rex.
Kent & Ruth Buzzi Perkins


Our Pen Sponsors

Diana E. Hutton

Jim and Patsy Perkins

The Delta Interests LLC

Les and Denise Ferguson

Craven and Nancy Green

Wade Wilson

Mark & Kathy Shurley

Unleashed Enterprises, Inc.

In Loving Memory of Patrick Nowicki

Dean Dartey w/ “Buddy & Essie”

Leslie Keen

Drew and Renee Wills

Marleen Dodge

In honor of MD Anderson Cancer Center – Head & Neck Center by Don &

Gerri Dickerson

“In Honor of Susan Price’s 50th Birthday! I love you”, Tom

Sam, Katie & Heather Robinson

In Loving Memory of Rosemary Guess

Miles Tag

Erb and Karen Cares

In Honor of Janice Mullins by Terrell Mullins & Levin Living Trust

In Honor of Sam C. Parigi

The Kris & Becky Matrimonial Dog Pen

The Beri and Lucas Tanner Pen

In honor of Tom Carpenter by Barbara and Amanda

In Loving Memory of Chula Bean McLean

The NoMads — Get Over It!

Colonel James W. Crabb, Sr.

In Honor of Gordon McDonald and His Lovely Family

In Loving Memory of Cheryl Maddox and her loving pups, Bean, Chi Chi,

Bug & Minky

Chloe Bear, the rescue dog that that rescued Jeff

As One Dog To Another —The Murphy’s

A Friend In Need by The Sebolt’s

Hy Penn

Jim Callahan

Kent & Ruth Buzzi PerkinsDavid Tourville

Don Reo and Judith Allison

Marcie Friedman

J.B Lags, Inc.

Camille Hemlock

Jo West

Kim & Tom Dinsdale

John McCall

Farouk Shami

Allan & Gloria King

Dwight Yoakam’s Bakersfield Biscuits

Katie B. Travis

Fred & Patsy Cline Erramouspe

Lady B, Pooh Bear & Starbux Barden

Tomblin Family Foundation

Flo, Fester & Gomez Tigar

Laura Bush

Jerry Jeff Walker

Kevin Fowler

Cory Morrow


Hill Country Jewish Community Center

Roger, Roz, Amanda, Michaela & David

Madroño Ranch

Billy Joe Shaver

Governor Friedman’s Private Retreat

Newt’s Friends

Celeste Martin & The Continental Club

Jennifer and Richard Pryor

Kathleen’s Korner

Bill Kindred

“Murder By the Book”?? Houston, Texas

“Bonaparte’s Retreat” by Emmylou Harris

Rabbi Jimmy’s Sanctuary

Dr. Bill and Julianne Hoegemeyer

The Laviage’s C & D Scrap Metal

Richard, Ali and Maria Bamberger

Alex & Callie Raynor

Joyce & Thai O’Barr